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December 13 2008

over and out.. RIP POWNCE

December 11 2008

a friend of mine just linked a service that finds plagiarism for your website.

Check it out -- http://copyscape.com

December 09 2008

OMG ... is that a reaction?
see you over at Soup.io

December 08 2008

whats happening powncers. going to miss you all !

December 02 2008

I need to say that I don't want a Type Pad account. Thx

December 01 2008

November 30 2008

Just picked up one of these yesterday, very good for the price ( $127 ). Still getting used to the Pen mode. What is most impressive is it has 256 pressure levels. Great for Photoshop!


November 24 2008

my internal mbp drive is a slug.. I am wondering if external firewire / usb2 drives faster than these internals, or should I just put in a 7200rpm drive?

November 20 2008

gmail themes - yay.. check em out

November 18 2008

Bit of fun from Cameron Adams js guru..

November 17 2008

pownce is really snappy now.. what changed. server upgrade?

October 31 2008

Apple: Our MacBooks are "perfectly dumb" (?!) - Blog - Etre

The French get a mixed message on the new MacBooks - Perfectly Dumb.

October 29 2008

October 25 2008

Story pulled from Apple Insider.

MacBook buyers sound off against questionable screen quality
Oct 25, 2008 00:35:00 GMT
For all its structural and performance improvements, the new MacBook and Apple are facing sharp criticism from some owners and would-be buyers who say the LCD appears to have a blue tint and doesn't solve some problems with earlier generation designs.

October 15 2008

Shame about the new mbp's not having blu-ray. I guess apple can milk iTunes almost HD media and have time to get it added to snow leopard. I don't buy the licensing 'bag of hurt' for one second.
Its easy to predict people in the street rejoicing when it finally does arrive with yesterdays announcement long forgotten. Reality distortion at its best.

October 02 2008

1408 7176 500
oktoberfest lunch - $1 schnitzel.. yum

September 18 2008

Justice - Electric Feel Remix ......
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